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Arti kata Assignment dan Definisi dari kata Assignment:

As sign ment (#), n. [LL. assignamentum: cf. OF. assenement.]

1. An allotting or an appointment to a particular person or use; or for a particular time, as of a cause or causes in court.

2. (Law) (a) A transfer of title or interest by writing, as of lease, bond, note, or bill of exchange; a transfer of the whole of some particular estate or interest in lands. (b) The writing by which an interest is transferred. (c) The transfer of the property of a bankrupt to certain persons called assignees, in whom it is vested for the benefit of creditors.

Assignment of dower

, the setting out by metes and bounds of the widow s thirds or portion in the deceased husband s estate, and allotting it to her.

&hand; Assignment is also used in law as convertible with specification; assignment of error in proceedings for review being specification of error; and assignment of perjury or fraud in indictment being specifications of perjury or fraud.