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Arti kata Appointment dan Definisi dari kata Appointment:

Ap point ment (#), n. [Cf. F. appointement.]

1. The act of appointing; designation of a person to hold an office or discharge a trust; as, he erred by the appointment of unsuitable men.

2. The state of being appointed to som service or office; an office to which one is appointed; station; position; an, the appointment of treasurer.

3. Stipulation; agreement; the act of fixing by mutual agreement. Hence:: Arrangement for a meeting; engagement; as, they made an appointment to meet at six.

4. Decree; direction; established order or constitution; as, to submit to the divine appointments.

According to the appointment of the priests.
Ezra vi. 9.

5. (Law) The exercise of the power of designating (under a power of appointment ) a person to enjoy an estate or other specific property; also, the instrument by which the designation is made.

6. Equipment, furniture, as for a ship or an army; whatever is appointed for use and management; outfit; (pl.) the accouterments of military officers or soldiers, as belts, sashes, swords.

The cavaliers emulated their chief in the richness of their appointments.

I ll prove it in my shackles, with these hands
Void of appoinment, that thou liest.
Beau. & Fl.

7. An allowance to a person, esp. to a public officer; a perquisite; — properly only in the plural. [Obs.]

An expense proportioned to his appointments and fortune is necessary.

8. A honorary part or exercise, as an oration, etc., at a public exhibition of a college; as, to have an appointment. [U.S.]

Syn. — Designation; command; order; direction; establishment; equipment.